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I never imagined I’d have to do this and in such a public manner. In times of need it’s difficult to ask for help when you try to remain strong in your faith. But I’ve always believed in the kindness of others.

One of my brothers in the faith has been struggling with his mental disabilities recently and has had to be hospitalized twice this memorial weekend alone. He cannot continue to currently work in the condition he is in and has no one to take care of him in his position. I felt the calling to reach out and take care of him at this time. I will be taking some time off work and have enough savings for a month, but having to sustain both of us I know my savings will run out before the end of the month.

I do not wish to ask any of you to give out of necessity. But if you are in a position and willing to help please donate using the form below or through PayPal. Any amount will be appreciated. Many blessings and thank you for your generosity.

Jesus Rolon

Crafting The Word Of God

Crafting The Word Of God!

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