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Update: Vacation Bible School 2014

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After two months the poll has closed and the winner is….  Lifeway’s Agency D3. As the winning V.B. S. program I will make three different crafts for each of the five days of the program. This way you can pick and choose wich ones you prefer.

For the three programs that tied for second place, (Weird Animals– Group, Wilderness Escape– Group), and Workshop Of Wonders– Cokesbury) I will try, and I emphasize the word TRY, to come up with at least one craft for each of the days of the program. But since they came in second place I cannot give a guarantee that I will be able to do this.

Now that the poll has closed I’ll have the winning V.B.S program’s crafts ready mid-spring, just a few months away. So keep your eyes out for my V.B.S 2014 crafts.

Lifeway’s Agency D3

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