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Recently I was able to get my hands on book 1 and 8 from the Power Bible comic book series.

Power Bible

Many of you might have never heard before of this Bible book series. If you have heard of The Action Bible then you have an idea of what I am talking about; a series of books in comic book format.

While the Power Bible is similar to the Action Bible in that they are both written in comic book form, they also have quite a few differences. The Power Bible is a ten part series, while the Action Bible is one book. The Power Bible is also intended for younger children, 6 to 12 year olds.

Young children can find reading the Bible a daunting task. This is where this wonderful series plays an important role. It is not intended to replace the reading of Scripture, the company itself states this on their website, but to be used as a way to develop the love of Scripture within your children.

Each story begins with the Bible reference from where it is taken from.

Power Bible Reference

Encourage your children to first read the story directly from the Bible itself. Then the Power Bible will help to reinforce the story that they have just gone over.

As I stated before this Bible book series is written in comic book form. One of the main benefits of being in comic book form is that your children can read at their own pace. Paying close attention not only to the words, but to the pictures as well and going back over the parts they did not understand.

Young children cannot always understand the context that surrounds the narratives in Scripture: where the main character is, how much time has passed, how the words are affecting the emotions of the other characters or if those hearing the words can even comprehend them.  Since the Power Bible is visual your kids will notice things that they might have otherwise overlooked in their reading of Scripture. Like…

The parables of Christ.

Power Bible Parable

The hatred and anger of the Pharisees towards Christ.

Power Bible P Anger

Or the flow of Scripture-children can get the idea that Christ stood in one spot for months preaching and healing, when in reality He traveled frequently from city to city.

This book series is well constructed and the pictures are wonderful and very detailed and expressive, but the most important thing is the content. There are hundreds of children’s bible books and series books online and in Christian stores, but many of them leave important details out or do not cover many of the important stories and teachings from the Bible.

This is not the case with the Power Bible. This comic book series stays faithful to Gods Word. Although it cannot cover all of Scripture, it does a great job of including many things that are generally left out from other books. A few examples: the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin, some of the parables of Christ, and a whole book is devoted to Revelation. The words sin and repentance which are left out of most children and adult books are also included.

The book even defines the more difficult words so that kids will still understand the narrative.

Power Bible Word Definition

The book series was enjoyable to read. The first book I read was book 8 and I could not put it down. In a short while I got all the way through it and found that it was hard not to laugh at some of the facial and verbal expressions from a few of the characters. Everyone that I showed it to, young to young at heart, fell in love with the detailed pictures and writing of the books.

This Bible comic book series is wonderfully visual and most importantly faithful to Scripture.

If you’re looking for a terrific gift for your kids and grand kids or if you are looking for reading material for your childrens ministry take a look at this series.  I think you and the kids will really enjoy it.

For more information on the Power Bible series visit their website.


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