Old Testament

Noahs Ark

Objective: The story of Noah shows us Gods view and relationship with sin.

The story of the flood shows us how serious God is about sin. He will not leave sin unpunished. But the story of Noah also shows us how loving God is. He provided a rescue plan for one man and his family.


Tower Of Babel

Objective: The story of the Tower of Babel shows us that God accomplishes what He sets out to do.

Instead of obeying God, people chose to ignore God’s command and glorify themselves. They disobeyed Him and built a city that would keep them together and make a name for themselves. This didn’t stop God’s plan to scatter the people and to form nations.


Abraham’s Call And Gods Covenant

Objective: Jesus Christ the Savior would one day be born from the line of Abraham.

Abraham was chosen by God to fulfill His promise of sending the Savior. Jesus would be born from Abraham’s descendants. Your kids will also learn about Abraham’s faith and trust in God and in His promises.




Objective: God is sovereign. Nothing happens without His permission.

Through the story of Job we learn two important lessons. God’s purposes are not always known to man, but we can trust that He can do no wrong. The story of Job also shows us God’s sovereignty and that nothing happens without His permission.




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