Fall Welcome Sign

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I love the fall season and considering that yesterday was the first official day of fall I thought it would be good to take a short break from the Ten Plagues Of Egypt crafts and focus on fall. And what could be better for my first craft for the fall season then a welcome sign.

This is the time of year when we get our homes ready for the countless visitors and holidays we will be celebrating. And similarly at our churches with special services, activities or fairs. This sign will serve as a great way of making your home or classroom truly inviting.

Fall Welcome Sign 1

Fall Welcome Sign 2


  1. Print the templates onto cardstock. (Template)
  2. Glue each page onto another sheet of cardstock.
  3. Color and cut out each piece minus the fence.
  4. Add glue to the bottom half of the basket and glue it on the fence.
  5. Next glue the leaves above the basket.
  6. Finish gluing on the basket.
  7. Glue on the gourd, then the pumpkin.
  8. Next glue on the welcome sign at an angle.
  9. Finally on the back of the sign tape a piece of brown, tan or orange yarn to hold the sign up.

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