Update: Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs Of 2015

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I know I’m a little late in posting this, since the list was published about 3 months ago, but I just found out that Crafting The Word Of God made it into ministry-to-children.com’s Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs Of 2015. This is the second time we’ve been featured on the list.

To take a look at the complete list click here. Make sure you visit all the other wonderful children’s ministry blogs.

Also I have quite a few things coming up in the next few months that will be on my blog. This week I will begin uploading the crafts and coloring pages for Thanksgiving, followed next month by the ones for Christmas. I will be updating and publishing new lessons on the curriculum section of my blog. And finally I have a few articles I’m finishing up as well.

Once again I’d like to take the time to thank you, my awesome readers, for visiting my site and sharing the crafts you find on Crafting The Word Of God. My hope is that they continue to bless you and your churches children ministry.


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