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First, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very late Merry Christmas and a somewhat late Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoyed your families and friends and made many wonderful memories.

Second, this post will serve as a quick update to address the fact that I have not updated my website in a month. Fear not, I have not abandoned my website or the crafting way. I will never abandon the crafting way!

I didn’t update my website because I was busy with family gatherings, outings, get togethers, church activities… you get the idea.

As I mentioned before I have not abandoned Crafting The Word Of God, but I will not be updating new crafts for the whole moth of January because I will be spending that time working on quite a few updates to most of the crafts, coloring pages and lessons on this site. Most will be background updates or slit changes to the crafts themselves. For the most part the changes will be unnoticeable on your end, but they will require a lot of time on my part.

I should be done with them by the end of the moth and will be running back on my normal posting schedule by the beginning of February.

I ask that you have some patience with me and I promise I’ll be back before you know it.

You guys can still reach me at anytime whether by email or Facebook and I hope that for the mean time the resources I have uploaded so far can continue to bless you and your children ministries.


One thought on “Update: Quick Update

    grandmacoug@yahoo.com said:
    January 7, 2016 at 3:43 am

    May God bless you for all that you do to help us non-artistic and creative people to bring meaningful crafts to our religion class. Thank you for the many ways you have helped me personally. Prayers lifted up for you, Pat Coughlin

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