Cross Number Game

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Cross Number Game This is a quick but fun game to play with your kiddos.

Print out the sheet and give one to each of your kids. (Template) In order to play this game you will also need a single dice. You can be creative and use a jumbo foam  dice.

Each child will take a turn rolling the dice. Whatever number the dice lands on, the child that rolled the dice has to color in that number on their sheet (just one number not all three of the same number).

If they land on a number that all three spots have been colored in the next player will take his turn.

The winner of the game is the child that can color in all of their cross first.

Cross Number Game 1 Everyone has a couple of wild dice throwers in their family or class. Every time they throw the dice it seams to land all over the place, except the board. I found this trick on Pinterest a little while ago. Just take any small container (I am using an empty Gerber baby food container), and place your dice inside.

This way no matter how hard they roll the dice, the dice stay in place. This trick is great to use with board games that include many small pieces like Monopoly and Risk. How many of us have not had a friend or family member roll the dice and accidentally scatter all the little houses around. Use this trick and save yourself the headache. 🙂