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Update: Slow Posting

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I just wanted to upload this short post to let you, my awesome readers, know what’s going on with my schedule and why its affecting my frequency of posting.

The months of June-July have always been the most hectic months for me every year. It seams as if these are the moths when I’m at my busiest.

  • Projects with my church media ministry regularly keep me busy.
  • I have my weekly lessons to prepare for.
  • We are currently organizing our V.B.S. program and will begin decorating four days a week.
  • We have two conferences being held by my church in the next few months.
  • Not to mention the grind of daily life and all that comes with it.

Hopefully as July come to an end the chaos will settle down enough where I can dedicate a lot more time into planing more and more crafts and activity pages.

I will try to update the blog from time to time when I have some free time, but by August things should be back to normal.