thanksgiving door knob hanger

Count Your Blessings Doorknob Hanger

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A simple reminder for the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Count Your Blessings Door Hanger

I decorated the hanger with red circles, but you can use paper leaf cut-outs, Thanksgiving/fall stickers or craft turkey feathers.


  1. Print the template. (Template)
  2. Cut out both of the two largest pieces.
  3. Glue them to two different colors of construction paper.
  4. Cut both pieces out.
  5. From the smaller piece cut out the hole for the door knob.
  6. Glue the smaller piece onto the larger piece.
  7. Cut out the hole for the door knob one more time.
  8. Decorate the assembled pieces. Again I used red circles, but feel free to use what you have on hand.
  9. Color and cut out the pilgrims and the “count your blessings” sign.
  10. Glue the pilgrims toward the bottom of the hanger.
  11. Finally glue the “count your blessings” sign under the pilgrims.