Sandals Of Peace

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“…and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.” Ephesians 6:15

Sandals Of Peace


  1. Trace a your kiddos shoes onto cardboard.  Cut it out using large scissors or a utility knife. This step should be done by an adult. Poster board will work as well and will be easier to cut.
  2. Next glue a sheet of black, gray or brown foam onto the bottom of each cut out. Cut of any excess foam so that you are left with the original cardboard shape.
  3. Then do the same thing on the other side with a sheet of construction paper.
  4. Have the child place his foot on the sandal base. Take a 1 yard ribbon (1 to 1 1/2 in. wide) and place one end under the cutout, wrap over the child’s foot, and tuck it back under the sandal. Cut of the extra ribbon. Do this for both cut outs. (You will need two 1 yard ribbons).
  5. Next add glue to the ends of the ribbons you just measured. Place it over the child’s foot again and tuck the ends under the cut out. Have the child slowly remove his foot to  allow the ribbon to dry. If you would like extra support glue the ribbon first onto a piece of paper or cardstock. Then glue it onto the sandal base. (This is for the front of the foot.)
  6. Glue the ribbon that is left to the cut out. Lay the ribbon in front of you. Find the  center. Glue on to the cut out, on the spot right between the end of the foot’s arch and the beginning of the heel. Do this for both cut outs.
  7. After the sandals have dried have the child place his feet in them. Then wrap the ribbon in front of the leg and then back around the leg making a criss-cross pattern. (As shown in the picture below.)
  8. After criss-crossing 3 times, tie the ribbon in the back to hold it up. Cut of any excess ribbon.
Sandals Of Peace2
This is what it will look like when your kiddos wearing it.

I have included the words SANDALS and PEACE. (Template)

If your kiddos choose they can glue one of the words to each sandal.


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