The Plague Of Hail Mobile

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Today’s craft is based on the seventh plague on Egypt, the plague of hail.

“Moses stretched out his staff toward the sky, and the Lord sent thunder and hail, and fire ran down to the earth. And the Lord rained hail on the land of Egypt.” Exodus 9:23

The Plague Of Hail


  1. Print the templates onto cardstock. (Template)
  2. Color and cut out all of the pieces.
  3. Cut three pieces of yarn/string. (2- 10″ pieces and 1- 12″ piece.) White, tan or blue sting works best.
  4. With a one hole punch, punch three holes, even spacing, on the bottom of the cloud.
  5. Place one of the shorter strings through one of the side holes and tie the string end on itself. The bulge from the knot will keep the string from falling completely out of the hole. Do the same thing with the longest piece and then with the final short piece.
  6. Glue the hail onto the string; three on each side of a string; six total for each string. This way when the mobile is hanging on a wall,  if the strings twist you can still see the hail.
  7. Add glue to the cloud and then add on cotton balls until the whole cloud is completely covered. You can cover both sides of the cloud with cotton balls if you will be hanging it from the ceiling or a doorway.

Add a loop to the back of the cloud using yarn and your kids can now hang it on the wall.


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