Workshop Of Wonders Bible Crafts

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Here are the crafts for Cokesburry’s Workshop Of Wonders.

I’ll be updating this post as I come up with new crafts.

Day 1: The Story Of Esther

Day 2: Rebuilding The Lords House (Ezra 3:8-13)

Solomons Temple

Solomons Temple 2

Rebuilding The Temple

Rebuilding The Temple

Day 3: Parable Of The Mustard Seed (Matthew 13:1-2, 31-32)

Faith The Size Of A Mustard Seed

Faith The Size Of A Mustard Seed

Day 4: Feeding The 5,000 (John 6:1-13)

 Feeding The 5,000 Paper Basket

Feeding The 5,000 Paper Basket 2

Feeding The 5,000

Feeding 5000

Feeding The Multitude

Feeding The Multitude

Day 5: Walking To Emmaus (Luke 24:13-22)

 Road To Emmaus

Road To Emmaus


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