Update: Quick Update And V.B.S. 2016

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I wanted to quickly update you on how far along I am on the updates that I planned on completing two weeks ago 😀

For the most part I am caught up with the updates. The Bible crafts, coloring and activity pages are all updated. All I really have left to do is to finish updating the lessons on my site and uploading a few dozen new ones as well.

Things will go back to normal soon and I hope to start posting new crafts this coming week.

Also on Monday I will once again post the Vacation Bible School Poll I post each year.

The poll helps me know what V.B.S program or curriculum I should design the crafts for. Remember that I only create crafts for the most voted V.B.S. program.

So make sure to come back Monday and vote for the V.B.S. program you church will be using this year!


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