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John 3:16 Door Hanger

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John 3:16 is probably the most well-known verse in the Bible.

This quick craft will go well with your study on the love of God and is very customizable.



  1. Print the template on cardstock. (Template)
  2. Cut out both of the two largest pieces.
  3. Glue them to two different colors of construction paper.
  4. Cut both pieces out.
  5. From the smaller piece cut out the hole for the door knob.
  6. Glue the smaller piece onto the larger piece.
  7. Cut out the hole for the door knob one more time.
  8. Color and cut out the world and the heart template pieces.
  9. Glue the world figure to the assembled piece.
  10. Lastly, glue on the hearts around the craft.

You can also use felt, craft foam, glitter or stickers.