Belt Of Truth

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“Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth…” Ephesians 6:14

When I was coming up with a craft for the Belt Of Truth I did a quick Google search. I wanted to get an idea  about how roman soldier belts actually looked like and came upon this picture.

Belt Of Truth2

I really liked it and  that is what I based my craft on. This is what I ended up with.

Belt Of Truth

There are quite a few parts to this craft, but I have included detailed instructions. Don’t worry because once you actually print the template, by just looking at the picture you can easily figure it out.


  1. Print out the templates onto colored cardstock. (Each page is labeled either red, black or yellow.) (Template)
  2. This craft has a lot of individual parts, but I have labeled them for easy assembly.  After you print out the templates cut them up in groups. (Ex: In page 4 cut out the two smaller pieces and the letter D together.)
  3. Group your cut outs together. (A with A’s, D with D’s. This makes assembly   incredibly quick.)
  4. Finish trimming the individual pieces from the cardstock. Keep them organized.
  5. Start by gluing and assembling groups A, E, F. (Group A will become the part that holds everything together.)
  6. Next glue a small yellow circle to the middle of a red square. (You will need 21 of each.)
  7. Glue the red square/ yellow circle pieces onto the long strips B, C, D. (B will need 5 squares and C/D will need 4 squares each piece.)
  8. To finish assembling the strips glue the yellow rings onto pieces B, C, D, F.
  9. Lay strip A in front of you. Add glue to the top of strip B, find the center of strip A and add strip B to the bottom back. Do the same with strips C, D, E and F.
  10. To finish the belt, wrap the belt around the child’s waist. Cut off any excess, leaving about 2 inches.  (Basically one side of strip A should be 2 inches longer then the other side.)
  11. To hold up the belt you can either use stick on Velcro or 3 large paper clips.

I have included the word “Truth” in case your kiddo wishes to place it on the belt.

For the yellow rings you can  use plastic or metal washers spray painted yellow. For the small yellow circles you can use plastic bingo chips spray painted yellow. Colored foam sheets can also be used for the smaller pieces including the red squares.


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