35+ Easter Crafts, Coloring, And Activity Pages

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35-plus-easter-crafts-coloring-and-activity-pagesJesus Enters Jerusalem
Easter Wreath
Balaam’s Donkey
Jesus Rides A Donkey Into Jerusalem
Palm Leaf Sun Catcher
Easter Palm Fan

The Lords Supper
The Lords Supper

Peter Denies Jesus
Peter Denies Jesus


Easter Picture Cross
Mosaic Cross
Cross Number Game
Gospel Cross
Cross Sun Catcher
Stained Glass Window Sun Catcher

Empty Tomb
He Is Risen

Road To Emmaus
Road To Emmaus

Doubting Thomas
Belief Without Seeing
Jesus Wounds Heal Game
By His Wounds We Are Healed Card

Coloring Pages
God So Loved The World Coloring Page
Christ’s Death And Resurrection
Happy Easter 1
Happy Easter 2
Happy Easter 3
Jesus Enters Jerusalem
The Lord’s Supper
He Is Risen
The Empty Tomb
Road To Emmaus

Activity Sheets
God So Loved The World Puzzle
Happy Easter 1 Puzzle
Happy Easter 2 Puzzle
Happy Easter 3 Puzzle
Easter Word Search
Jesus Enters Jerusalem Puzzle
The Lords Supper Puzzle
He Is Risen Puzzle
The Empty Tomb Puzzle
Road To Emmaus Puzzle

Cross Maze


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