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Blind Man Healed Mask

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This craft will help your kiddos remember the story of Jesus healing a blind man. On one side of the mask you have a sad face with bandages on his eyes. This side symbolizes the blind man before he was healed. And on the other side you have a happy face with a big smile who has now been healed by the miraculous power of Christ.

Blind Man Healed 1             Blind Man Healed 2


  1. Print and color the templates. (Template)
  2. Cut out both faces and the bandages. Each child will need two  bandages.
  3. Glue each face onto a piece of construction paper. Both pieces of  construction paper should be the same color.
  4. Cut out the faces again, leaving a small border of construction paper.
  5. Grab the happy face and place it facing down. Glue on a large popsicle stick for a handle.
  6. While this is drying glue on the bandages to the eyes of the sad face.
  7. Finally glue the sad face to the back of the happy face. The popsicle stick will be sandwiched in between both faces.