Jesus Heals A Paralytic Man

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A cute craft to help the kiddos remember the story of Jesus healing a paralytic man. This craft can be assembled quickly if everything is printed onto colored paper or construction paper.

Jesus Heals A Paralytic


  1. Print the templates onto different colored paper or construction paper. (Template)
  2. Cut the first page in half. Then take an xacto knife and cut along the parallel lines. This part should be done by an adult.
  3. Cut out the strips from the second page.
  4. Weave the strips into the rectangular base. Rotate going over and under with every new strip to create a weaving pattern.
  5. Cut out the feet.
  6. Finally glue on the feet to the mat by arranging the feet on the mat and then gluing them in place.

I have also included the words “Jesus Heals” in case you would like to add it to the mat.