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I have been hard at work and as equally excited because in the coming weeks we will be working on preparing our church’s Vacation Bible School for this summer. Every year we choose from one of two themes provided by Life Way. This year we decided to go with their jungle theme version Jungle Jaunt.

Jungle Jaunt Logo

So I have been busy as a beaver working and planning the crafts that will go along with our Bible story each day. Starting on Monday and continuing each day until Friday I will be posting our crafts for the entire week of Vacation Bible School. Each day crafts for a different Bible story.

I have noticed that many churches have already held their Vacation Bible School in June, but for those that still have not I hope these crafts will inspire you and help make planning your Vacation Bible School a little less stressful :).

Day 1 One Amazing Creator 

Days Of Creation Wheel

Days Of Creation Wheel

God The Creator And Sustainer

God Creator And Sustainer

Days Of Creation

Days Of Creation

Day Two One Miraculous Provider

Elisha And The Jar Of Oil

Elisha And The Jar Of Oil

Elisha Helps A Widow Match Game

Elisha Helps A Widow

Day 3 One Powerful Healer

Jesus Heals A Paralytic Man

Jesus Heals A Paralytic

Blind Man Healed Mask

Blind Man Healed 1

Day 4 One Living Savior

Gospel Cross

Gospel Cross

Mosaic Cross

Mosaic Cross

Day 5 One Lord Of All

Proclaim Him Megaphone

Proclaim Him


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    […] like I did last year, and as the winner of the V.B.S. curriculum poll, this year I will be planning the crafts for […]

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