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These are the crafts that can be used with the Gospel Lights- SonSpark Labs V.B.S. program. I will be slowly uploading new crafts in the next coming weeks.

Although most Vacation Bible School curriculum programs provide or sell their own Bible crafts, many times they have nothing to do with the Bible story of the day or not much thought went into designing them in the first place.

My hope is that these crafts will help make planning your Vacation Bible School a little less stressful.

Day 1: The Creation Formulation (Genesis 1:1—2:2)

SonSpark Labs Day 1 Crafts

Days Of Creation
God The Creator And Sustainer
In The Beginning Bookmark
Days Of Creation Wheel
All Made In God’s Image
Creation Sun Catcher
Days Of Creation Coloring Page
God The Creator Coloring Page
God The Creator Color By Number
Adam And Eve Coloring Page
Creation Of Man Coloring Pages


Day 2: The Sin Separation (Genesis 2:8–9,15–17; 3:1–24)

SonSpark Labs Day 2 Crafts

Snake Door Hanger
Fall Of Man
Adam And Eve Paper Dolls
The Fall Of Man Coloring Pages


Day 3: The Personification Revelation (John 1:1–2:14; 5:1–9; 6:16–21; 11:57; 14:1–7)

SonSpark Labs Day 3

Jesus Baptism
Jesus Baptism Coloring Page
Jesus Baptism Coloring Pages
Jesus Baptism Puzzle
Paper Plate Sheep
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Sheep)
Sheep Puppet
White Dove
Jesus Calls His Disciples Coloring Pages
Jesus Heals A Paralytic Man
Jesus Walks On Water
Jesus Walks On Water Coloring Page
That Where I Am There You May Be Also Coloring Page
That Where I Am There You May Be Also Puzzle


Day 4: The Salvation Solution (Luke 22—24:35)

SonSpark Labs Day 4 Crafts

Christ’s Death And Resurrection Coloring Page
The Lords Supper
The Lords Supper Coloring Page
The Lords Supper Puzzle
Peter Denise Jesus
Gospel Cross
Cross Sun Catcher
Easter Word Search
Mosaic Cross
Cross Number Game
The Empty Tomb Coloring Page
The Empty Tomb Puzzle
He Is Risen
He Is Risen Coloring Page
He Is Risen Puzzle
Road To Emmaus
Road To Emmaus Coloring Page
Road To Emmaus Puzzle


Day 5: The Infinite Implementation (Mark 16:15; Acts 1:1–11; 2:4,41–47; 4:32–35)

SonSpark Labs Day 5 Crafts

Go Into All The World And Preach The Gospel
Proclaim Him Megaphone
Keys Of Salvation
Jesus Ascension
Jesus Ascension Coloring Page
Jesus Ascension Puzzle
White Dove
The Day Of Pentecost
Day Of Pentecost Sun Catcher
The Day Of Pentecost Coloring Page
Peters First Sermon Coloring Page


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